Shaping My Professional Future

Module Overview

This 2-day training course on career development is designed to assist participants reach a level of career-mastery to successfully engage with the range of opportunities arising within their own organisations.

The training course, consisting of 10 modules, seeks to provoke and guide participants through a process of tuition, introspection & discussion – to take ownership for their professional development and become highly proficient in making a transition from one internal role to another.

The over-riding impetus of this career development training course is to motivate & empower individuals to creatively find personal career development solutions that are synergistic with their employer’s needs, as well as fulfilling their own personal potential.


Learning Outcomes

  • Understand, appreciate & leverage the factors that make for a happy and rewarding career.
  • Identify the personal self-awareness factors that influence one’s career adaptability.
  • Develop a mindset to manage one’s own career – supported by one’s manager & the internal talent management structures.
  • Devise a personal framework for realising your career development potential internally.
  • Improve motivaton & personal engagement with your organisation – through deeper involvement/commitment to a common future.


Programme Content

  • 21st century career landscape – encompassing concepts of Talent Management & Knowledge Work.
  • Knowing Myself: A toolkit to unlocking my inner values, dreams, skills, biases, personality, temperament, achievements, work satisfiers.
  • Development Planning: charting a course that expands my internal career prospects.
  • Initiating Internal Transitions: securing support of my manager & raising my job-satisfaction levels in current role.
  • Future-proofing my skill-base for sustainability & marketability – in terms of functional roles & transferable skills.
  • Weighing Further Education – value or liability?
  • Managing interpersonal relations, office politics distortions, deceptions … & setbacks.
  • The unwritten rules of Networking & Mentor Selection – thinking creativity, reciprocity & self-management.
  • Avoiding self-sabotaging behaviours – modulating ambition within team environments.
  • Navigating in-company transfers & promotions – mindful of selection processes, lateral & vertical … formal & informal.
  • Succeeding in a new job – surviving & thriving during those first 100 days.
  • Commitment to Engage: acting on my career plan … & integrating with my employer’s PMDS.
  • Summary & End … questions, clarifications & roadmaps.


This course is suited for
Senior Managers, Middle Managers, Team Leaders, Non-Managerial Employees

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