Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning

Why Retirement Planning is so vitally important? Retirement can be a golden period, full of adventure and fulfilment with each day bringing new joys and new experiences – but only if retirees plan for it in advance.

Most recent research indicates that over 50% of people who have not made preparations for retirement feel anxious about the approaching change, while 95% of people who have planned for retirement in advance are positive and enthusiastic about new life phase.

Our programmes empower participants to play an active role in the process of Preparing for their own Retirement by highlighting and thoroughly discussing the following key aspects:

Change & Wellbeing


What is Retirement? The Changing View

Final finish or new beginning? What does it mean to me? What are the success factors?

Preparing for Major Change

The psychological barriers – rewire or retire. Main challenges and issues.

Considering Third Age Activities

Part-time work, voluntary work, self-employment, hobbies, travel.

Relationships & Community

Spouse, Family, Friends. Ways of keeping fit and active. Healthy eating. Building wellness and resilience.

Health & Wellbeing

Ways of keeping fit and active. Healthy eating. Building wellness and resilience.

Personal Action Plan

Sketching a commitment to take the actions which will make the future a success.

Financial Matters


Social Welfare

Entitlements & Benefits in general for older people.

Finance in Retirement

The importance of Planning.


Exploring general issues and supplementing the information provided by the employer.


Living on Less (understanding of household expenditure etc), spending triggers, manage debt, credit cards.

Lump Sum Options

Paying off debts, investments, risk v return, spending lifecycle, giving away etc.


Income/CGT/CAT, especially on Pension, Property and Gifts
Wills, Gifts, Inheritance – issues and tax implications.

Programmes Available

  • Putting Life into Your Retirement – Pre-Retirement Workshop delivered to pre-retirees and spouses/partners in a One or Two day format.
  • Pre & Post Retirement Coaching
  • Financial Planning for Retirement

All our programmes can be delivered in the following formats:

  • 2 Day Workshops
  • 1 Day Workshops
  • ½ Day Workshops
  • Individual Retirement Planning Coaching

Programmes currently running (2021):

  • Civil Service
  • EU Institution – Germany
  • Irish Semi-State
  • Professional Body


Our programmes incorporate individual and group work through participative discussion, questionnaires and presentations – spiced with humorous anecdotes and real-life stories.

Every participant receives an information pack/workbook to take home, refer to and use for more detailed planning in their own time.

Workshop participants are normally invited to bring a partner or somebody close with them.

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