Resolving & Managing Conflict

Module Overview

Nobody’s perfect. Now and then, somebody is going to overreact or underreact … blurt out something you might wish they hadn’t … & set in motion a cascade of conflict that ignites bad-feelings & needless stress amid colleagues.

Would you like to be able to exercise greater control in these situations, or assist colleagues in making the appropriate intervention – to resolve these conflicts harmoniously and decisively at the earliest stage possible?

Through individual exercises, small-group discussion, self-assessment instruments and skill-practice sessions, this 1-day training course on managing conflict is designed to equip you with the behavioural practices to nip in the bud the forces that give rise to such instances of workplace disharmony – drawing on an array of measures to ensure a speedy resolution & an early return to normality.


Learning Outcomes

  • Provide practical skills in identifying different behaviour and communication styles.
  • Equip participants with the skills to understand and resolve conflict situations.
  • Learn how to balance the physical, mental and emotional aspects of work.
  • Maintain your emotional composure on the job and maximise work relationships.
  • Uncover the root causes of conflict and achieve resolution.
  • Manage conflict effectively.


Programme Content

  • What is conflict and why does it occur?
  • How people respond to conflict.
  • Learning your own conflict management style.
  • A closer look at feelings and emotional well-being.
  • Understanding stress: cause and effect of stress … work & personal stress.
  • Perceptions and defence mechanisms at work.
  • Identifying common barriers to communication.
  • The importance of listening skills.
  • Body language/non-verbal communication.
  • Understanding accountability and responsibility of management.
  • Understanding behavioural styles and the differences between assertive, aggressive and passive behaviour.
  • Understanding assertive communication … turning problems into projects
  • Handling aggressive behaviour.
  • Dealing with conflict and confrontation in the workplace, both personal and at team levels.
  • Dealing with anger – your own & others’.
  • Find alternatives to working with ‘difficult people’.
  • Identifying and resolving difficult conflicts early to avoid industrial relations issues.


This course is suited for
Senior Managers, Middle Managers, Team Leaders

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