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The Challenge

Rebuilding trust and responsibility. This client organisation was concerned about a situation that had arisen in one of its regional offices.

Essentially, the manager of the section had over a period of time seemed to have largely abdicated his responsibilities. Work-plans were not being coordinated, priorities were not being worked on and the individual’s general behaviour had become more and more evasive and truculent.

Furthermore, his team seemed to be splintering without his active involvement and internal turf battles were becoming rife. And, all this was now becoming obvious to the wider organisation in terms of performance and customer service metrics.

Torc Response

Torc adopted a 2-pronged approach involving a team building workshop for the team and off-line individual coaching for the Manager.

In the presence of the Manager, we facilitated a team event titled Stress Awareness & Management Alignment, in which we provided space in a non-threatening manner for open dialogue and group learning. The thesis underlying the workshop was how as a team could we relieve the level of stress and lack of trust that had crept into the team’s operations by re-establishing some mutually beneficial business processes to streamline the delivery of services.

The second strand involved the provision of coaching support to the Manager, to assist him reassert himself in the leadership role to implement the recommendations agreed at the team workshop.

The Result

The intervention proved immensely successful. The Manager’s issues were sympathetically dealt with and his performance restored. Teamwork improved and internal relations became more supportive.


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