“Putting life into your Retirement” – High Impact Programme

Irish Transport Company

The Challenge

Our client is a large Irish semi-state with up to 100 people reaching retirement age each year.
They were seeking a new style Pre – Retirement Planning Programme which would encourage employees to think seriously about themselves, their families and people in their broader network – in essence to start planning for a positive and fulfilling future outside their working environment.

Torc Response

Drawing on our vast experience in all aspects of Career Transition and the psychology of change we first started identifying the key features which needed to be addressed.
We commissioned in-house research to further probe possible content and we identified a panel of potential trainers for a new and more dynamic programme than was generally available.
Finally we proposed a One-day programme comprising three Modules:

1. My new life after retirement

2. Understanding and engaging with the Social Welfare system

3. Planning my family finances for the future

Each module is delivered by a specialist presenter and includes group and individual exercises, participative discussion and humorous anecdotes.

Participants are provided with a Retirement Planning Workbook comprising further exercises, notes and advice as a reference source and to plan more deeply for the next stage of their lives.

The Result

The programme was very well received by all participants and the second one is being presented next month. In the Evaluation Form one person commented “I was asked to think about things I had never considered before”.

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