Pre – Retirement Planning Initiative

European Financial Institution

The Challenge

Preparing for Retirement Initiative. Leadership of the organisation wished to provide a formal support for employees with long service or over age 55 to enable them to take stock of their life and career situation, to consider options for the future and to develop a clear plan for achieving their goals.

Torc Response

We developed a comprehensive offering for employees who opted to participate in the Pre-Retirement programme.

This included:

  • Pre training self analysis pack of exercises supporting self-discovery
  • Comprehensive two day workshop encompassing current thinking about 3rd Age activities, Life balance, Accepting change, New life projects, Finance considerations, Health & wellbeing, Managing connections, Additional resources
  • Intensive one-to-one coaching No 1 – Review retirement plan and set up Action milestones
  • Intensive one-to-one coaching No 2 – Agree focus points and resolve any issues encountered


The Result

Feedback from participants and HR team has been very positive.

Torc programmes have successfully facilitated the self-discovery process and increased awareness of  future possibilities opening in retirement. Participants have been provided with a constructive support in setting up clear directions and refining action plans. They also have had an opportunity to review the progress of individual preparations during coaching sessions spread in time. Raising awareness of financial, health and wellbeing has been well balanced with a positive approach to the new phase of life.

Additional Preparing for Retirement programmes have been booked into the schedule.

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