Mastering Personal Effectiveness

Module Overview

Everyone wants to achieve more from the energy and effort they invest in their work and feel more satisfied with what they accomplish each day.

Yet surveys show that only about 14% are accomplishing as much as they believe they could.

Why the gap? Answer: while we all can acknowledge that ‘the thieves of time’ are diverse and numerous, few of us are sufficiently mindful of how to assertively respond.

Too often, we limit our attention to doings things more efficiently, without first framing the more strategic considerations – both in terms of what we can eliminate, consolidate and/or automate, as well as clarifying for ourselves the degrees of quality, priority and timeliness, required.

This demands a different way of thinking about our personal effectiveness: to see it as a multiple-loop activity, where the why, what & when demand as much attention as the how.

This 1-day personal effectiveness training course is designed to enable you create and implement a strategy along these dimensions to dramatically ‘raise your game’ – in terms of gaining mastery over one’s personal effectiveness, work accomplishments and inner fulfillment.

Learning Outcomes

  • Shift the focus from managing time to managing self.
  • Use a system of tactics & tools to appraise & align tasks strategically
  • Recognise and eliminate time wasters
  • Break indecision & procrastination habits
  • Identify how delegation fits into your job and its exponential effectiveness
  • Make goal-setting a dynamic process – short, medium & long term

Programme Content

What is Personal Effectiveness Training
We’ll explore the varied array of personal qualities and external influencing factors underpinning our effectiveness in the workplace. We’ll describe a model placing individual responsibility at the core – from which numerous levers fan out.

Knowing Oneself
We’ll seek to understand & rationalise the drivers behind one’s current ways of working. This will be coupled with an understanding of the distractions & interruptions currently being experienced.

Managing Oneself: Framework of Strategy & Tactics
We’ll use the analogy of the individual as a business unit – and strategically frame our daily work activities in terms of value creation. We’ll utilize the 4-box Urgent/Important matrix to tactically assign priorities.

Setting Goals Training
We will establish dimensions for personal goal-setting, onward use a ‘plan, do, review’ framework to dynamically manage and systematically ensure alignment between the short, medium & long term goals.

The Effectiveness Habit
We’ll look at the sustainability drivers to personal effectiveness – in particular, we’ll identify some habit-forming approaches to maintaining the discipline needed to internalize new approaches.

Concentration, Focus & Organisation
We’ll review some proven tactics to creating productive and efficient routines to support core goals – creating a personal “no” script.

Time Management Training & the Four D’s
We will focus on how we spend our attention units – & identify our personal time-wasters. We will learn how to Do, Dump, Delay or Delegate any task and take the STING out of feeling overwhelmed.

Organising Work Areas
And, we will give participants proven plans and tips to organising work areas, paper and electronic files, including email.

Managing Your Workload
To wrap up the day, participants will help Mighty Mike manage his workload. Then, we will complete a 168-hour plan.


This course is suited for
Business professionals wishing to achieve greater returns from their work efforts.

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