Management Supervisory Skills

Module Overview

Organisations today face critically important challenges in their approach to the leadership and motivation of staff. Managers & supervisors are in the front-line grappling with the conflicting realities of modern-day business: being asked to do more with less.

The real stars in this environment are those managers and supervisors who can elicit the best performance from others – as well as themselves. These paragons appear to innately draw on a complex set of intrapersonal and interpersonal skills to navigate the daily demands of the workplace harmoniously and positively – while at the same time leveraging extraordinary results from their team, their organisation and themselves.

While nothing can replace the power of experience in honing these skills, this 2-day training course on management supervisory skills is designed to provide you with the tactical advice and real-world practice you need to develop the discipline, influence and motivational techniques that gets you more control over this new environment.

Learning Outcomes

  • Combine personality & behavioural assessments to structure an integrated framework for diagnosing and developing best-practice management supervisory skills.
  • Develop a suite of communication techniques to make deeper and more respectful interpersonal connections with staff.
  • Equip participants with the skills to discipline and motivate themselves and others.
  • Understand how to work with staff to set and manage performance standards and goals.
  • Acquaint oneself with the Situational Leadership model – & how to flex one’s style to the circumstance & motivation of individual staff
  • Practice & role-play the appropriate language, tone, phrases and responses needed in handling difficult conversations with staff.

Programme Content

  • Assess your personality & behavioural style, gaining awareness of your own and others’ innate preferences.
  • Link to your own environment & to the diversity of personality amid your team – in furthering a more positive & productive work atmosphere.
  • Analyse the dimensions of a modern manager’s role: leading, controlling, teaching, coaching.
  • Appreciate the preeminent need to communicate in all dimensions – words, tone, gestures, body language.
  • Assess your levels of emotional intelligence (EQ) – the degrees to which you apply your “street smarts” to regulate your own and other’s emotional/motivational responses.
  • Apply the tenets of EQ when giving and receiving feedback, dealing with resistance in others – and, avoiding self-sabotaging behaviours.
  • Develop skills in observing and giving feedback, listening and asking questions, for improved performance
  • Review best-practice processes for handling complaints & grievances
  • Practice tools to assist your staff set and achieve goals, using performance appraisal as a two-way process
  • Understand assertive communication – turning problems into projects. And, the difference between passive, assertive and aggressive behaviour.
  • Practice persuasion/influencing tactics: to get colleagues and management to listen to your ideas and win the support you need to get the job done.
  • Apply effective delegation techniques to develop your staff – using parallel coaching to support
  • Learn how to engage constructively in difficult conversations with staff on matters of discipline, conflict, dispute, etc – & how to remediate poor relationships


This course is suited for
Senior Managers, Middle Managers & Team Leaders

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