Leading With Teamwork & Collaboration

Module Overview

The current shift in organisations to more horizontal workflows & processes places a renewed spotlight on teamworking.

This goes way beyond normal discussions on internal team dynamics to also encompass the wider need for joined-up collaboration between the various constituent units – teams, departments & divisions.

In this world, individual leaders inevitably find themselves part of wider leadership teams with shared responsibilities beyond their own functional areas.

This demands the development of a twin-track mindset – being attentive to the internal workings of one’s own team but also to the external linkages with other teams.

This 1-day module will provide a framework for individual leaders in setting the tone, tempo and trust required for productive collaborations – as well, as exploring the practical challenges and opportunities that commonly arise.

Learning Outcomes

  • Appreciate the new dynamic of value chains & horizontal workflows
  • Gain awareness of the competencies determining success in this environment
  • Develop a stakeholders’ map of one’s work network – & rationalise the key cultural & relationship dimensions to be nurtured & managed
  • Practice & role-play the key skills, honing the process & language to lubricate productive collaborations, widely.
  • Know how to leverage teamworking relationships to improve & streamline one’s own personal effectiveness.

Programme Content

Teamworking: the horizontal organisation
We’ll explore with participants the changing norms in organisations demanded by process-based workflows and value-chain integrations

Mapping one’s organizational network
Participants will learn how to diagnose and map their key inter-departmental linkages – & use qualitative & quantitative measures to gauge their overall effectiveness.

Progressing a teamworking culture
We’ll introduce a 4-dimensional audit to examine one’s current state of teamworking – & explore issues and actions to support & sustain progress along this dimension.

Managing the structural challenges
We’ll learn how to reconcile boundaries between vertical functional controls and horizontal collaborations – in terms of identifying end-to-end goals for processes across departments, etc.

Managing the people challenges
We’ll explore how to overcome personality differences and make time to nurture and develop peer relationships – local & remote. We’ll learn the language and phrases aligned to a healthy teamworking mindset and apply practical strategies to engender mutual trust.

Managing conflict
We’ll role-play real-world simulations – navigating factual & emotional dimensions, keeping relationships and issues separate and using a give & take approach to achieve joint wins.

Managing inter-team innovations
We examine a simple system for generating and capturing ideas to jointly streamline/improve mutual workflows – & outline tools & techniques for joint decision-making & reaching consensus.

Workshop Wrap-Up
At the end of the day, participants will have an opportunity to ask questions and fill out an action plan.


This course is suited for
Senior Managers, Middle Managers & Team Leaders

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