Coaching in Managing One’s Boss

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The Challenge

Our client, an individual executive, had joined the organisation nine months earlier and was experiencing difficulties working with his manager. Whilst he enjoyed working with his team and felt his core performance had been effective, he recognised that his long term future in the organisation would be in question if he did not improve his relationship with his boss.

Torc Response

Through a series of working sessions, our consultant coached the client on building a deep understanding of the client/manager dynamic. Areas that were reviewed included:

  • The business environment
  • The manager’s style
  • The client’s style

Throughout this process the client was challenged to understand the business from the manager’s perspective and identify opportunities for positive interaction. In addition, a major focus of attention was how to bridge the differences in personality type that existed between the client and the manager. On both fronts, an action plan was developed and bi-weekly coaching meetings were held to ensure continual focus on the planned activity.

Results Achieved

The client refocused his work plans around better understanding and supporting the manager and was pleasantly surprised to see the manager reciprocate with encouragement and praise.

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