Career Management Programme for Employees

European Financial Institution

The Challenge

Our client has c3,000 professional employees and wished to provide them with resources to help them on aspects of their career progression and management, in particular:

• Understanding themselves, their values & drivers and how careers normally progress

• Assisting them to define options for the future and distilling these into a formal career plan

• Grasping the concepts of personal branding, self marketing and advanced networking techniques

• Developing awareness of skill transferability – particularly for opportunities arising inside the organisation

• Equipping staff with the tools and capacity to compete for roles and be successful in the Application and Interview process


Torc Response

Torc developed and delivered the resources & supports required by staff at all levels in the organisation. Our solution incorporates a suite of self analysis exercises, psychometric tests, workshops and one-to-one coaching across four distinct modules. Staff can complete the modules sequentially or to meet their immediate requirements.


Results Achieved

There has been a huge take-up of the modules offered from all divisions in the organisation.

Our success has firmly established career management as a core strategic driver throughout the organisation.

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