Career Change – Executive

Manufacturing Company

The Challenge

Provide support in Career Change process was our objective in this case. This senior executive client had worked in manufacturing for over 25 years and was facing into a period of change and uncertainty due to the company closing. Whilst he was unsure as to his future career path he felt that the time was right to try something new

Torc Response

Torc’s Executive Career Transition Programme provided a structure for the executive to explore and analyse career options based on his personality, skills, experience and preferences. Working with Torc’s consultant it became clear that the candidate had strong entrepreneurial abilities.

After further review and discussion the executive decided that self employment was the most appropriate option.

Taking the self employment option to the next stage, the consultant guided the executive through the options:
– Starting a business
– Acquiring a business
– Buying a franchise

After assessing the available options and associated risks the franchise option was chosen. The consultant provided direction to the candidate as to sourcing an appropriate franchise and making contact with franchising professionals.

Results Achieved

The senior executive successfully acquired a franchise and has grown the business quickly, getting to profitability earlier than anticipated. Feedback from the executive indicated that he is extremely pleased that he has chosen the right career path and is positive about his company’s future.

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