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Two-Day Pre-Retirement Public Course


Designed for pre-retirees & partners


Retirement can be a golden period, full of adventure and fulfilment with each day bringing new joys and new adventures – but only if retirees plan for it in advance.

Our programme helps participants develop a sense of purpose & empowers them to play an active role in preparations for their own retirement.

This 2-day programme is geared toward establishing a framework to assist pre-retirees do just that – embodying a modular sequence of expert mini-seminars to address the key lifestyle & financial considerations involved.

Torc is presenting this course in partnership with Trigraph Intelligent Learning.

2 – 3 Nov 2021


09:30h – 17:00h



I found the Pre-Retirement Planning course to be very informative and addressed a lot of my queries and more over the two days.  The Presenters conveyed the content at an even pace and regularly took questions through the chat box available.

It was great to air the various issues in a safe environment and demystify the whole area of retirement.

I experienced optimism about Retirement while doing the Course, and now am looking forward to being able to retire, which I wasn’t before doing the Course.

The course was really excellent. The speakers and presentations were brilliant and kept all participants interested throughout the course. 

I thought the course was excellent and was particularly impressed by the quality of the wellness side of the course.

The pensions and taxation elements were very detailed but this information was explained in very simple language with examples where necessary.  While the on-line experience does not fully match the in-person experience, I was nicely surprised at the participation and interaction throughout the course by those attending.

Any questions asked by the participants were answered immediately and explained really well. I am delighted I took part in the course and would highly recommend it to others. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to partake.


What’s included?


Lifestyle Modules

Transition to Retirement
  • What is Retirement: The New Perspective
  • Pre-Retirement: Preparing For Change
  • What We Give Up & What We Gain When We Retire
  • How To Approach/Build a Retirement Plan


Security & Supports
  • Guide To Senior Safety & Security Actions
  • Managing Personal/Domestic Necessities
  • Making the Most of State Entitlements
  • Tapping in to Community Resources
Keeping Connected
  • What is a Social Network
  • Benefits of Social Engagement
  • Managing Relationships
  • Partner Considerations & Single Retirees
Health & Wellness
  • Mental health and wellbeing
  • Physical health
  • Nutrition and diet
  • Physical activity and fitness


Financial Modules

  • Occupational Pensions: Defined Contribution & Defined Benefit
  • Normal Retirement vs Early Retirement
  • Exploring Options: AVCs, ARFs & Annuities
  • State Pensions
  • Tax Categories: Income, Capital Gains & Capital Acquisition
  • Optimising Credits, Reliefs & Refunds
  • Tax Changes in Retirement
  • Updating One’s Tax Affairs on MyAccount
Money Matters
  • Financial & Budget Planning
  • Ways to Stretch the Retirement Euro
  • Managing Debts & Credit Cards
  • Savings & Investments
Wills, Probate & Powers of Attorney
  • Essentials & Format of a Will
  • Succession Act Provisions & Terms
  • The Probate Process
  • Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA) and “Living Wills”

✔   You’ll find each of these modules filled with a broad range of practical tips & resources – drawing on a wealth of up-to-date research & information.

✔   You’ll learn the key ingredients necessary for a successful modern-day retirement, from a course that is designed to be both comprehensive in the detail & range of information imparted – yet, pitched at a level that is both accessible & engaging to each individual participant.

✔   Overall, you’ll leave this course with a strong sense of empowerment – chomping at the bit to get started on this next & exciting phase of life.

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