LinkedIn is a great way to establish and promote your professional identity, grow your network and exchange insights with your peers. Consider it a living, breathing version of your CV; although more of a brochure style which is constantly available for people to view, even when you’re busy at your work.

There are ways you can use your profile to develop your brand and get noticed. Here are some:
A smart business-like photo is the first thing. Your profile is as much as 14 times more likely to be viewed if you’ve included a professional looking photo. Customising your profile URL is another way to smarten up your profile. It’s all about making yourself stand out.
Your ‘summary’ is the most important part of your Linkedin profile. The objective is to give a quick overview of your strengths and unique attributes that will make you look interesting. Here you should refer to your specific areas of expertise and/or professional interests – you can refer to some recent accomplishments. Peer recommendations can also help.
Your LinkedIn profile allows you to let your personality show. If possible make your profile interactive and vibrant, including for example presentations, work related videos, project summaries etc.
Try to give an insight into your personality by referring to what it is that you’re interested in and drives you.
Be found
Remember that, as well as being a professional social network, LinkedIn is a powerful people search engine. It is important that you keep your profile up-to-date – especially if you move job or get promoted. Potential employers and recruiters use Linkedin extensively when searching for prospective candidates.
Put yourself in the shoes of your desired employer. What keywords might they be searching for and how? Google Keywords is useful if you are trying to understand what terms employers might be using to locate candidates.
Recruiters often search for new candidates by searching for their ‘Current position’ so include relevant words in this box, that describe you, even if you’re not currently in employment.
Keep a regular eye on your InMail on LinkedIn for any messages. Responding to any invitations promptly is important if you want to maximize the opportunities presented.
Active and relevant
Be as active on LinkedIn as makes sense for you – be it daily, weekly or monthly – but don’t sacrifice quality for quantity. Active members of the LinkedIn community sharing relevant updates and insights are more likely to get noticed by recruiters and other professionals looking to expand their network.
What works well? Sharing relevant articles, engaging in debates, publishing interesting posts and observations; but be careful – bland posts are more harmful to your brand than not posting at all.
LinkedIn allows you to join up to 50 different groups, so join as many relevant groups as you can effectively engage in.
Reach out to other people in your network who occupy similar positions to yourself or roles that you are looking to progress into and give them a reason to connect. This is a good way to gain recognition in your community.
The more active you are on LinkedIn the more likely you are to benefit from it. Build a strong personal brand and then make sure you’re sharing relevant content, continuing to build out your network, and actively engaging in the relevant LinkedIn Groups.

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