Ryanair’s no-frills business model might appear a bit soulless and prosaic, but it’s CEO, Michael O’Leary, is anything but, of course.
The absolutely relentless approach he takes to promoting his own personal brand is pure genius. It pays rich dividends – to the extent, that he can pretty much dispense with other, more normal (and costly) marketing spends.
And, he provides a clear example of what is needed if you are keen to make an impression in a crowded marketplace (such as the job market or the market for your products /services).
Yes, it is important to stand out from the competition, to have a strong position in your chosen market, to be readily known or at the very least be easily identifiable.
Employers certainly want to hire a premier brand – they always look for a candidate who meets all their stated criteria but also brings some additional potential value and ingredients to the business.
At the point of purchase these employers are usually prepared to pay extra for somebody quite unique.
If you are selling a service or building a business, marketing experts will tell you to find and promote a unique feature which differentiates you from competitors.
First impressions matter a lot – have you Googled yourself lately? Do you have an on-line presence which meets your branding needs? Can you easily be identified and found by interested parties?
And, the ‘dress to impress’ motto is still very valid – it helps your self confidence and performance at networking events to present a sharp and positive image.
Does your Linkedin profile position you strongly and describe your expertise, knowledge, qualifications and important connections to your best advantage?
Most important of all, how is your marketing collateral? – many job searchers still present bland and weak CVs, not realizing that these are their personal brochure.
The CV gives the reader the first general impression of the individual and it should be tailored to meet the precise needs of the recipient. It is astonishing how many CVs are poorly constructed and omit key information.
Yes, personal branding should be at the core of your career management considerations today – ensuring you stamp a clear and visible identity for the unique value you can bring to potential employers.

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