When you stand back and think about it the interview is the ultimate sale – your objective is to present and sell the unique set of skills, competencies, and work experiences you possess to the interviewer so you can move ahead with your career plan.
Here are the steps you should take:
1. Know what you are talking about
You need to focus on three particular areas; – knowing yourself in depth and the skills you have to offer, – having a sound understanding of the job content and precisely how you meet the requirements, – knowing about the company – its core business activities, culture, reputation, prospects etc.
2. Build bridges
You know the key requirements for the role – at the interview when you are answering a question always try to incorporate a specific reference to a work situation which demonstrates how your expertise is a good fit for some related key aspect of the job, even if its not directly asked for.
3. Relationship and rapport
The interview process is highly subjective – it is important that you build a rapport with the interviewer(s); you can do this by being open and friendly, maintaining eye contact, and generally engaging with them. Try to be helpful to them and do not compete or challenge the interviewers in any way, especially if you are more knowledgeable about something.
4. Ask the right questions
Prepare some questions in advance which demonstrate your genuine interest in the role eg
 “Would there be opportunities to make product presentations to clients and channel partners?”
“What are the prospects for career advancement/progression?”
5. Get into the zone
All too often people go to interviews having done some research and basic groundwork – they are hoping to do well and make a good impression, but they are not really psyched up for the challenge. It is essential that you go to the meeting with a determination to succeed, have your key messages well rehearsed, and you’re fired up to achieve your target.
6. Close
At the end of the interview reaffirm your interest and commitment to the role and company; ask if you have covered everything fully, and summarise your key points. Enquire about the next steps, and if it is a final interview why not ask for the job!
If you can get all or even most of these steps covered well you will be close to ‘Slaying the Dragon’.

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