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by Paddy Collins on April 30th, 2018


This is the fifth of the series of typical interview questions. For each question we outline why the interviewer is asking the question and how the interviewee should respond to it.

Our suggestions should be treated as guidelines, always adapt them to your personal judgement of the situation and to your own particular experience and individual style.

Why are you looking for a change now?

Why is this question asked?

– To explore and understand your true motives and drivers – you should focus on positive drivers (the positive challenges of the new job)

– To ensure you are not looking to move to avoid a current challenge

– To understand the applicant’s full and positive perspective on their own career goals

– To see how the applicant is self-motivated and wants to generously contribute to the new job

– How important is this job to you – verifying your motivation level, commitment and enthusiasm

How to answer?

– Outline why & how this new position is so exciting, challenging, explain it is a place where you hope to contribute

– Show your proactive research to find a job like this – and how you have worked towards it over time

– Most importantly – Balance your intention to contribute and to develop – specify where & how you plan to do it!

– Outline other legitimate reasons for changing your job, for example: your contract is ending or there are no permanent opportunities for you in current area

Other possible reasons for move:

– Last job requirement and scope was not what was advertised or was in fact narrower than originally advertised

– Leave personal circumstances to last, for example: partner moving to a particular city

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