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by Paddy Collins on October 26th, 2017

This is the fourth of the series of typical interview questions. For each question we outline why the interviewer is asking the question and how the interviewee should respond to it.

Our suggestions should be treated as guidelines, always adapt them to your personal judgement of the situation and to your own particular experience and individual style.

Why are you the ideal candidate?

Why should we choose you?

How would you differentiate yourself from the others applying for this role?

Why is this question asked?

– To see whether you have considered and analysed this question before the interview

– Do you really know this job?

– To gauge your readiness, passion, interest and motivation

– To select the best/most suitable person for the job

– To look for the person who stands out, whose experience, skills and motivation would match the job and would add value to the company

– Can this person act as an ambassador for the company or department?

How to answer?

– Initially think who else might be applying for the role and what they may offer

– Then consider  your personality and interests to understand what makes you unique and different? Highlight your “differentiators”

– Show how you match the specific culture, the company, the job competencies (e.g. being adaptable, open to change, multi-tasking, attentive to detail, flexible, committed to company, able to develop and maintain good relationships)

– Show why you really want it – emphasize the element of your particular interest/challenge in the job

– Show your forward looking approach and vision. Prove it by linking your unique experience and strengths with potential benefits to the employer

– Show how you have worked towards this opportunity and how this job is a logical next move in your career

Always remember not to come across as “desperate” or “arrogant” – stay very positive about yourself but factual.

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