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by Paddy Collins on August 1st, 2017

This is the second of the series of typical interview questions. For each question we will outline why the interviewer is asking the question and how the interviewee should respond to it.

Our suggestions should be treated as guidelines, always adapt them to your personal judgement of the situation and to your own particular experience and individual style.

Why do you want to work in this organisation – in this role?

Or quite similar:

What would it mean for you to get this job?

Why is this question asked?

– Have you researched the company, including ethos/culture, structure, growth, profitability? Have you studied the web site, reports, and press releases?

– Have you a positive intention – with positive drivers? What is your purpose in seeking this role?

– Have you a positive affinity / connection to this role – if so, what is it (e.g., service to Europe, a ‘green’ agenda…..?)

– Have you a clear understanding of the role? Have you a realistic view of yourself as a good ‘fit’ with this role?

– Does it fit into your career plan and does your experience and competencies fit with the needs of the hiring organisation? Are you (and how) are you ready now?

– Can you (and how specifically) contribute now to this company in this role?

– What will you be positively and generously motivated to bring to this organization?

– How interested are you – do you really want this job?

How to answer?

– Show your enthusiasm, interest, ‘heart’ for the job

– Show you understand the organisation and the challenge of the role – you’ve done your research!

– Good opportunity to compliment the employer (with honesty) – tell them why you admire them, how they are one of the best employer’s in a specific area, why this department contribution/role is important is important….

– Need to link organisational values with your own – e.g. excellence, innovative, green energy, learning….

– For the role, show you are ready – that you have worked to actively develop yourself towards this point – and that is a further development opportunity

– Outline what they will gain by you contributing to it – highlight the added value you bring (try to identify some timely, specific, relevant areas you know you can contribute to e.g., managing change)

– Identify what you will learn, how you will be developing your career – a natural next step

– Win-win: Show fit between your career progression + what you will contribute (focus on your intended contribution)

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