Training on Project Management

State Agency

Quick look

Torc progressed this client’s adoption of a project-based organisation of work by rolling out our specially tailored programme titled Project Managament Essentials: People & Processes.

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The Challenge

A review and assessment of competencies required to respond to future business and organisational needs identified a shortfall in Project Management skills across the organisation.

Torc Response

Torc developed an understanding with the client of the skills and knowledge required to support a project approach to getting things done.

A programme was developed which provided:

  • A technology neutral approach to project management
  • A strong emphasis on team and people management aspects of project management
  • Practical project management learning opportunities
  • A set of working templates to support the project lifecycle

The Result

The organisation was in a position to accelerate the implementation of it’s portfolio of projects throughout the country. Employees were equipped with the know how to correctly set up a project, manage the project processes and deliver the project objectives. In addition, a consistent project management vocabulary and documentation has been adopted throughout the organisation.