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Torc’s Masterclass Series

by Paddy Collins on September 22nd, 2016

These are designed to present current best thinking on a series of topical subjects, each in a 90 minute slot. Clients may choose just one topic or consider delivering a series.

The Challenge of Change

Embracing Change

Change – Learning to flex and adapt

Influencing Techniques

Developing a ‘Team Brand’

Being the master/architect of my career

Taking charge of my career – do I need a coach or a mentor?

Engaging the heart and minds of all your employees (or your team)

Rules of engagement for High Performing Teams

Decision making and thinking


Understanding ‘millennials’

Building a more collaborative organisation

Stakeholders – Understanding them and relationship management

Trust and its importance in retaining your staff

Stakeholder management and relationship building in the workplace

Setting ground rules to deliver more effective meetings

The power of ‘icebreakers’ – for meetings of different kinds


Emotional Resilience to thrive in difficult circumstances

Positive psychology techniques to support change in oneself and others

If you are interested we will be happy to forward details on any of these topics.

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