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Torc Management Recruitment

by Paddy Collins on April 25th, 2019

Our model shows the unique depth of input we can provide to our clients.

Business context – It is very important for us to gain a clear understanding of the strategic business circumstances surrounding the appointment – without this we could struggle to meet the longer term needs of both client and candidate.

Job description – we will advise (and help draft) a detailed and accurate role content and person specification.

Recruitment strategy – we set out the various options for our client and agree with them the best approach to filling the role.

Research – irrespective of whether it is a head-hunt or a contingency based assignment detailed research is required to identify suitable sources and locations of talent.

Social media – we utilise all online platforms available to us to identify, attract and connect with suitable talent.

Screening – our process includes detailed CV analysis, initial phone interview to cover all key requirements, holistic one-to-one interviews and our in-house assessments to enable us rank candidates in order of ‘fit’ for the role.

Shortlist – we present a shortlist of candidates to our client of candidates who can do the job, with an appraisal of each and rationale for inclusion. At formal interview the client will also assess the culture fit with their team. We propose the interview process, content and organise the schedule.

Contract and package negotiation – we arrange the job offer and agree terms, advise on the employment contract, collect references, arrange medical etc. We finally agree a suitable onboarding programme with the client. 

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