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TORC Career Services Framework

by Paddy Collins on November 8th, 2017


Open the link to see the full content Model – Torc Career Services Framework


Torc’s model for supporting client organisations grappling with supporting staff through their career journey has evolved from our work in the field over recent years.

The model above attempts to encapsulate the potential solutions.

There are five core pillars of supporting interventions

1. the underlying talent management systems which all organisations have whether formal or informal

 2. career related training,

 3. coaching,

4. career advisory supports,

 5. relevant assessments and psychometric tools.

The core pillars can determine the shape of whatever internal programmes and pathways are developed to facilitate the journey and the plans adopted by each individual throughout.

On the left side of the model we show how the supports are relevant and necessary at every milestone through the individual’s career journey.



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