Team Leader Development

Commercial Semi-State

Quick look

Torc designed and facilitated a leadership development programme to assist a group of 54 team leaders, drive a stronger commercial working in their shared services units.

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The Challenge

Our client, a central shared services unit, providing Human Resources, Payroll, Accounts Payable, Procurement, Property, Facilities & Legal  services to a range of internal customers across the a number of varied business lines, was undergoing major change – inter alia, implementing specialist unitised teams, service level agreements, and market rate charges.

In launching its new 3yr strategic plan in 2008 to maintain and provide an ever-evolving range of value-added services at market competitive rates, a need for a leading edge leadership development programme was identified for its cohort of 54 team leaders – an important category of frontline managers, project managers and specialists across a diversity of functional areas.

Torc Response

Torc Consulting Group worked with the unit’s HR sponsor and steering group in the design and delivery of an appropriate programme, geared toward developing enhanced leadership and personal skills. A cross section of participants contributed to the content through focus group sessions and direct senior management input and the programme was rolled out in a series of 3 courses (each course comprising three 2-day residential modules), with participants (18 per course) drawn from different functional areas to facilitate cross business learning and relationship building.

 The specific learning dimensions included were:

  • Module One (2-day duration):
    Self-Awareness& Self-Management
    Managing Diversity
  • Module Two (2-day duration):
    Communication Skill
    Empathy & Listening
    Presentation Skills
  • Module Three (2-day duration)
    Change Management
    Influence & Persuasion 

The Result

The programme provided a major bonding between the various specialist units and geographic locations and invigorated a strong collective mindset toward delivering on the new 3yr. plan. It also, allowed the various team leaders to cross-learn from one another on how to move their individual units forward in unison – & beef up, in a very practical way, on the enabling skills & tactics required.

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