The Leader as Teacher

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Torc offers a 1-day module, enabling you to learn the tenets and practices involved in the “Leader-as-Teacher” style of leadership.

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Module Overview

Today’s cutting-edge thinking on leadership has two big ideas::

  • have leaders-at-all-levels &
  • define the goals of leadership in terms of value creation.

This has leaders-at-all-levels involved in a two-way interaction with their teams, constantly challenging one another in the development and implementation of new value-creating initiatives.

Here, the interaction between the leader and team is a two-way search for learning & innovation – characterized by open and transparent debate and the formulation of sub-strategies at team level that roll up & align with the high level strategies of the organization.

In this construct of leadership, the key competency of the leader is to be that of a teacher – confident & capable in establishing a stream of proposals, known as teachable points of view (TPOV’s) to be debated, developed and acted on by the team.

This 1-day module is designed to provide you with the opportunity to learn the tenets and practices of this style of leadership – & have you return to work with a ready-to-use action plan.

Learning Outcomes

  • Rationalise the recent evolution from Learning Organisation to Teaching Organisation
  • Utilise a simple model for formulating strategically important Teachable Points of View (TPOV’s)
  • Have a toolkit of techniques to engage your team in debating & implementing your TPOV’s
  • Understand how to incorporate action-learning initiatives for greater knowledge creation
  • Deploy a wide assortment of tactics to cascade the teacher-leader philosophy throughout your organisation, division, department, etc..
  • Develop an action plan to put the course learning into immediate practice back on the job

Programme Content & Sequence of Elements

Fundamentals of a Teaching Organisation
You will explore the 4 major categories of organisation type from a knowledge creation viewpoint and identify the subtle but important differences between a learning and a teaching organisation.

Building the Teaching Organisation
Participants will examine the framework of supports required for a teaching organisation initiative: planning the time, resource & behavioural change investments

Teaching in an interactive mode
Learn how to teach from a viewpoint where everyone learns, the teacher-leader as much as the team. Practice the tricks of the trade to elicit feedback, debate & fresh perspectives from the audience

Formulating a Teachable Point of View (TPOV)
Explore a step-by-step approach to developing a TPOV, that resonates with your team – covering the 4 key bases to establishing profile & engagement.

Building Teaching into Everyday Operations
Establish a mindset that is constantly on the look out for teachable moments & a pattern of behaviour and language to keep your TPOV top-of-mind amid your team, as they go about their daily activities.

Virtuous Cycles Generating Knowledge
Understand how the debate & piloting of one’s TPOV builds real knowledge and how this is propagated up and across the wider organisation.

Action Learning Implementation
Appreciate how to test one’s TPOV to build additional knowledge – & how to initiate implementation projects as normal operational imperatives.

Scaling the Teaching Organisation
Learn how to expand the knowledge creation culture, cascading the teacher-leader model downwards to the frontline staff, fashioning team briefings & other communication forums to implement. 

This course is suited for

Senior Managers, Middle Managers & Team Leaders

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