Getting To Grips With Stress

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Torc offers a 1-day training course on stress management, focussing on the factors that cause it & the tactical measures to manage it.

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Stress occurs when we perceive an imbalance between the demands placed on us on the one hand and our ability to cope on the other.

The phenomenon has stayed, until recently, something of a taboo topic in the workplace – being irrationally tainted with weakness.

Now, however, we’re all sufficiently enlightened to see stress as just a  normal part of the human condition, to be addressed openly & maturely – in terms of ensuring everyone understands what it is & undergoes a system of training to learn how to recognise & manage it.

Importantly, the message has also got through that stress management is very much a bottom-line issue – with numerous studies having established how it links directly to issues of absenteeism, retention, productivity, quality, customer service, etc.  


The goal of the present module is to inform participants on stress with regard to :

  • understanding the factors that cause it
  • being alert to its nature in ourselves & others
  • recognising its impact on health & productivity
  • using some tactical measures to manage.


A 1-day training training course on stress management, involving individual and group work, interactive discussion, questionnaires and case studies – spiced with humorous video & audio inserts.

  • Ice-breakers. What is Stress? What is not Stress? What are the causes and how to recognise it?
  • Workplace/Organisation stress versus Home /Life stresses and the sources of both –Cooper’s Model & Cox’s seven factors.
  • How to Cope. Group case studies on coping strategies & common themes.
  • Each participant will be given a ‘private diary’ to explore their individual issues of stress.
  • Work-Life Balance – A practical exercise to examine the balance in one’s life.
  • Review of participants’ current stress management strategies.
  • Identifying negative behaviours. Thinking Styles. Cognitive Strategies & Life Planning.
  • Individual Stress Management: Nutrition, Yoga, Progressive Muscular Relaxation Exercises, Visualisation techniques.
  • Tackling stress problems through Assertiveness and Time Management techniques.
  • Individual goal-setting. Design your own individual stress-proofing plan.

This course is suited for

Senior Managers, Middle Managers & Team Leaders

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