Stress & Work Overload

Multinational Healthcare Company

Quick look

Torc provided this client organisation in the midst of a high-intensity plant start-up with an opportune ‘time-out’ intervention to counter any stress-related deviations.

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The Challenge

This multinational healthcare company was going through a period of very high intensity of effort in meeting its commitments to customers and its global supply chain network. In parallel, it was bringing online extra plant and working through the inevitable teething problems in commissioning and validation. The HR Director was concerned about emerging signs of burn-out among some employees and an increasing number of regulatory mistakes/errors/oversights being made, in the singular pursuit of deadlines.

Torc Response

Torc adopted a 2-pronged approach: (1) a Personal Effectiveness workshop for groups of 12, to raise awareness of the implications of stress and burn-out and (2) one-on-one coaching to individuals to carry the general learning into immediate practice on the job. The overriding emphasis was to instil a strong awareness among all of the direct links between health & wellbeing and personal effectiveness and onwards work on tactical ways to achieving more by doing less. As part of the programme, each participant had to develop a personal action plan, fleshing out how he/she would better manage themselves in this regard, maintain a diary to monitor compliance with the plan going forward and give feedback 6-weeks later to the coach on how things had worked out. The later regimen was to ensure that the awareness of the issue stayed with the individual beyond the workshop.

The Result

Feedback from participants and the HR Director reported the intervention had proven an opportune ‘time-out’ for everyone to break the stress cycle that had crept into their collective work habits, management & staff alike. Milestones and deadlines continued to be met, but less wheel-spinning was reported.