Stress & PMDS Introduction

Government Department

Quick look

Torc developed & implemented a tailored programme of work-life balance/Stress Management workshops to support roll-out of new Performance Management & Development System.

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The Challenge

This client Government Department was acting on feedback from its HR department and employment assistance officers that indicated an upsurge in feelings of anxiety among managers and staff. Sections, long characterised for their macho culture of late working, were now seeing work overload complaints, requests for career breaks and absenteeism levels all rising. It appeared that changes in the demands being posed on staff, especially following the roll-out of a PMDS system, had awakened psychological and interpersonal issues, previously ignored among staff.

Torc Response

Torc worked with the Departmental Training Manager & EAP officer to fully understand the underlying stressors obtaining and developed a 2-day Stress Awareness programme to fit the needs identified. The major requirements were to inform participants about how to (a) recognise stress (b) understand the various factors (stressors) which cause stress and (c) use some tactical measures to manage stress within a personal action plan.

The programme was rolled out to all staff in tranches of eight to twelve participants both in Dublin and in regional centres. The integrated programme involved a mixture of guided lectures, discussions and questionnaires, followed up with appropriate homework exercises to illustrate the application of some practical tools. The specific learning dimensions included were:

  • Day 1: The Psychology of Stress.
    Coping & Adapting to Change
    Relaxation Techniques
  • Day 2 : Life Planning
    Time Management

The Result

Feedback from participants and HR sponsor reported a marked improvement in all stress related metrics. So satisfied was the organisation with the results achieved, that they asked for a follow-on review workshop for all participants the following year just to ensure the momentum didn’t flag.