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Health & Wellbeing

If you were managing a sports team, you would pay great attention to the physical and mental fitness of each of your players – with nutritionists, psychologists and physiotherapists forming a central part of your big game preparations. So, when it comes to business, why would you not be just as concerned about the physical & mental fitness of your staff. This is the thinking that informs our health & wellbeing practice: applying tactical interventions to support winning mindsets.


Organisations need the right people in the right place at the right time to be successful. Torc has vast experience in placing high calibre candidates across a wide spectrum of sectors. Our tools to find such candidates include Executive Search, Database & File Search, Advertising & Selection and Interim Management – these are tailored in conjunction with the needs of the client. And, through our International network, i.e. OIGP, we can ensure our search goes that little bit further for you.

Psychometric Analysis

If knowledge is power, then knowledge of oneself may be the most powerful of all. This is the rationale behind psychometric analysis, which ventures to illuminate those subconscious preferences or styles that habitually colour our individual thinking, feeling, learning and behaving. So, if you’re not really sure about what makes you or your team ‘tick’ or why colleagues or customers respond to you in certain ways, then a good starting point might be to take one of our proven psychometric tests.


With the demise of a-job-for-life, career resilience has become a prized competency. This skill to job-hop, always landing on one’s feet, is key to keeping a career on track today. This new paradigm places additional demands on the employer and employee alike, especially with respect to managing transitions & exits – both voluntary and involuntary. Torc Consulting Group has a proven track record implementing a broad range of programmes that take the stress out of these situations.

Learning & Development

We live in a world where competitive advantage accrues to those most adept at acquiring & leveraging knowledge. Torc’s learning & development practice is acutely attuned to this imperative & is constantly refining & updating our courses to ensure we stay current with the very best international thinking, yet firmly grounded to the culture & climate of Irish business. We seek to provide a differentiated service, based on the design and delivery of leading-edge programmes.

Change Management

Our change management practice is about making change easier. Practical in our approach, we address the subject in accessible terms, providing clients with a structured array of business process, project management and communication tools to deal with the many challenges involved. Central to our whole philosophy is how to integrate the human element effectively – examining the behaviour patterns of individuals & managing the varied manifestations that can arise.

Public Sector

Torc has built a strong Public Sector client base – with assignments ranging across strategy development, change management, PMDS implementation, leadership development, workplace wellbeing & voluntary leavings. Explore our Services and Case Studies pages to learn more.

Corporate Sector

We have wide experience working with clients in the pharmaceutical, medical device, electronics, food and financial sectors. With assignments ranging from resourcing and training to restructuring and downsizing, we tailor solutions to each situation. Explore our Services and Case Studies pages to learn more.

New Ventures

We are constantly refining & updating our services: researching widely and linking with leading-edge partners, to ensure our clients are equipped with the most up-to-date trends, talents and tools. We welcome your ideas on any unmet needs here.