Putting Life Into Your Retirement

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Torc offers a 2-day training course on retirement planning, to smoothly transition participants to retirement – practically & psychologically.

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This 2-day retirement planning training course, designed for pre-retirees & partners, is overwhelmingly goal-directed toward establishing a framework to assist pre-retirees set course on a new pathway – and smoothly engage with the wide spectrum of practical & psychological considerations attending the retirement transition.

While drawing on a wealth of up-to-date international thinking, we stay firmly grounded to the culture and climate of Irish life – in the context of case studies, role-plays & practical information imparted.

The format of the course involves a combination of individual and group work through participative discussion, questionnaires and case studies – spiced with humorous video & audio inserts. Pace & sequence of sessions vary depending on input from participants.


  • Understand/appreciate the factors that make for a happy and rewarding retirement.
  • Develop a positive mindset to manage the change to structures and routines, caused by retirement.
  • Identify the personal thinking styles and motivators that influence one’s adaptability to retirement.
  • Understand the process of planning for retirement with respect to key aspects such as finance, health, work, leisure, relationships, self identity, fulfillment, etc.
  • Devise a personal framework of purposeful retirement activities.


  • What is Retirement? The Changing View. Final Finish or New Beginning? What does it mean to me? The 8 critical Success Factors.
  • Pre-Retirement:: Preparing For Change. The psychological barriers – retire or rewire. Lessons from case studies.
  • Managing Relationships: Family & Friends. Communications, listening, space, assertiveness. 180° questionnaire for couples.
  • Need For Community & Belonging. Neighbourhood, workplace, sports & social clubs. Special case of single retirees.
  • Financial Concerns Part 1: What are our concerns regarding finance in retirement? A look at the benefits available & the criteria require to secure them.
  • Financial Concerns Part 2: Budgeting/ Financial planning, Lump Sum Investments, Wills, Risk.
  • Health in Retirement: Considering how to be healthy in our retirement. Looking at ways of keeping fit & active.
  • Third-Age Activities: Managing 2000 Extra Hours of Time. Gradual retirement/part-time work/self-employment/hobbies/voluntary-work/adult-education/travel.
  • Individual Action Plan. Self-appraisal & commitment to take action. Creating those tomorrows … today.
  • Recap: Summary & End. Final questions & goodbyes.

 This course is suited for

Senior Managers, Middle Managers & Team Leaders

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