Restructuring Training Function

Commercial State Agency

Quick look

Torc facilitated the design and implementation of a streamlined process for the delivery of all technical training – involving integration of all mission-critical supply and demand resources and singular oversight by a senior manager.

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The Challenge

A legacy situation existed within this client organisation, wherein the roles and responsibilities with respect to technical training were split between the HR Manager controlling the demand side of the equation and the Engineering Manager controlling the supply side. This was causing some adversarial unease and less than optimum use of training resources.

Torc Response

  1. Independent ½ day briefing meetings were held with both the HR Manager & the Engineering Manager to understand, clarify and map in precise and comprehensive detail the current responsibilities, activities and interconnections of both parties and their respective teams involved in the organisation’s overall technical training process.
  2. Outputs from Step 1 were combined, rationalised and critiqued, including research & external comparison with other possible models and alternate options developed.
  3. A joint ½ day meeting between the HR Manager & the Engineering Manager was facilitated to jointly explore and challenge options to extract maximum synergy between the two units.
  4. A 15-page white paper was drafted, documenting the joint analysis of the various options and ranking with backup detail the cost, quality & overall effectiveness of each option. This underwent a number of email & telephone revisions.
  5. A second joint ½ day meeting between the HR Manager & the Engineering Manager was facilitated to develop an implementation plan for the preferred option chosen.
  6. The white paper and associated implementation plan underwent final reviews and amendments and was jointly signed off for board presentation.

The Result

The recommendations in the white paper were implemented and the planned synergies, around cost and quality, quickly realised.