Restructuring MIS Operations

European Institution

Quick look

Torc designed and implemented a change management programme to support the migration of a large IT organisation from a traditional operations/delivery structure to a matrix structure functioning on a project basis.

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The Challenge

This European Institutional client had decided to reengineer its IT organisation from a traditional operational/delivery structure to a matrix structure functioning on a project basis. Likely outcomes were outsourcing certain support and administration activities, development of new and flexible project teams and job change. It was recognized that the change management challenges would be significant.

Torc Response

Torc was asked to advise, design and implement a change management programme to deliver the new structure. On analysis we observed a very low level of motivation and staff morale – mainly due to a lack of understanding of the implications of the new structure on individual jobs.
We proposed and implemented a series of interventions as follows:

  • Devised and rolled out a comprehensive communications exercise which included direct notification to each employee
  • Designed and delivered a workshop for management groups on the subject of change and how it should be managed and implemented
  • Organised & facilitated a separate series of workshops for staff groups affected, exploring the implications of change – designed to be informative but also motivational and confidence building.
  • Enabled all staff to complete a suite of Self Analysis instruments to assess their skills and career options – following up with private coaching consultations.

Result Achieved

The initial backlash against the organisation was quickly defused and employees understood the positive career prospects emanating from the changed structure. Management and staff bought-in to the process and the new structure has been successfully implemented.