Restraining Behavioural Excesses

Multinational FMCG Company

Quick look

Torc raised awareness amid this client’s sales staff of the importance of emotional intelligence & values in fostering successful business relations – complementing their strongly competitive and goal-directed behaviours.

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The Challenge

This client company was strongly outward facing. Sales and field staff were highly regarded for being strongly competitive and hard-charging in their promotion and sale of products. They were driven by commissions and very successful in the marketplace. However, in the case of some, this success was beginning to impact their interactions with peers back in the office – & normal courtesies and conventions were being inadvertently overlooked. The CEO faced a dilemma: how could he restrain the undesirable behaviours that were creeping in without damaging the hard-charging, competitive culture underpinning their success.

Torc Response

Torc surveyed management for examples of behaviours needing to be addressed.
These were compiled, grouped into themes, ranked in order of importance and mapped to a Core Values & Emotional Intelligence framework. This analysis was translated into a training workshop, involving preparation of

  • Hypothetical case studies, illustrative but not directly related to the participants actual misbehaviours.
  • Mapping these illustrative behaviours to the organisation’s Core Vales to provide common anchors to clarify what behaviours are expected
  • Emotional Intelligence role-plays to interpret the causes and consequences of behaviours – & to explore the longterm career implications.

Workshops were then facilitated in groups of 16 for all staff.

The Result

Awareness levels were raised beyond all proportion on the multi-facetted importance of personal and interpersonal behaviour to individual and business success. The point did not really have to be laboured as the learning emerged in open discussion around the case studies and roleplays – & was readily taken on board in this non-threatening way.