Redesigning Company Newsletter

Commercial State Agency

Quick look

Torc assisted this client’s Communications Manager assess a wide spectrum of options for updating the format, content and style of the company’s newsletter to facilitate maximum employee engagement with ongoing business issues.

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The Challenge

An internal bimonthly newsletter forms an important part of this client’s communications with its workforce, who are widely distributed nationwide both in internal regional centres and customer locations. The existing newsletter needed updating to reflect the changes happening in the organisation. and in business in general. The Communications Manager was unsure which direction to take on this, as so many media and visual variants now exist to promote employee engagement.

Torc Response

We adopted a 2-pronged approach to this assignment. First, we ran a survey among employees to gain their feedback on how the current newsletter is perceived and used. The results were compiled and analysed and a number of key themes identified. Second, we organised a focus group of carefully selected participants drawn from different parts of the organisation to tease through the themes emerging from the survey. This focus group session included breakout segments which:

  • compared and contrasted newsletters used by other organisations
  • monitored the actual engagement & body language reaction of individuals in the focus group to each exhibit
  • utilised Implications Wheel (I-Wheel) methodology to brainstorm ideas around survey themes, delineated by content and format.

The results were drawn together in plenary session and prioritised for incorporation into a radically redesigned company newsletter.

The Result

The newsletter as designed has been rolled out since 1st Qtr, 2008. It has received outstanding feedback and is proving an indispensable medium for communication between management and staff. Readership metrics continue to exceed all projections.