Realising a Centre of Excellence

Commercial State Agency

Quick look

Torc supported this client’s new General Manager design and implement a strategy to realise the board’s mandate to raise the profile of the unit to that of a centre of excellence in the eyes of its customers.

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The Challenge

A new General Manager was appointed to this client organisation and given the brief to raise its profile to that of being a centre of excellence in the eyes of its customers. The challenge for the GM was to be bold in the vision he set himself, but also, to be careful in bringing his entire organisation with him in its accomplishment.

Torc Response

  1. A ½ day diagnostic meeting was held with the GM, to clarify in detail the full extent of this Centre of Excellence mandate, and what was required of him by his board.
  2. A First-Order series of 8 high-level Implications Wheel themes was developed from the diagnostic output & reviewed with / revised by the GM.
  3. A full-day workshop involving the 24 key leaders in the organisation was organised to explore the 8 high-level themes – in turn generating forty 2nd order and two hundred 3rd order action items.
  4. These action items were in turn prioritised by the workshop participants and adopted as the foundation for the organisation’s strategic plan. Cross-functional project teams were assigned ownership of the key action items and implementation timelines agreed.
  5. The GM proceeded with this model of distributed authority to achieve the Centre of Excellence mandate, utilising the medium of quarterly follow-up workshops to review progress and make mid-course corrections.

The Result

Within 12 months, the organisation had transformed itself into a fully fledged modern progressive service provider. New innovations around IT, customer care and financial control had created an entirely new experience for customers.