Psychometrics & Presentation Skills

Commercial State Agency

Quick look

Torc custom-developed a presentation skills course to retain & optimise the authentic style of each individual presenter, by framing the content to each individual’s Myers-Briggs Personality Type.

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The Challenge

Presentation skills were identified as a key competency required of 24 customer-facing executives in this Client organisation. Management were acutely aware of the diversity of presentation settings involved in their business, from the perspective of audience, content and presenter style. Accordingly, their core requirement was to retain and optimise the authentic style of each individual presenter, rather than try to force fit everyone to conform to ‘a single style fits all’ approach.

Torc Response

A multi-pronged intervention was pursued. First, all 24 participants were asked to complete the Myers-Briggs Type Personality Index (MBTI) questionnaire. A workshop was organised to (1) explain the use of this MBTI instrument as a framework for understanding the interplay of engagement between a presenter and an audience and (2) to provide detailed instruction, including illustrative video clips, etc., on the tips and techniques that make for an effective presentation. Following this, each participant was asked to go away and prepare a 15 minute presentation on a subject that they could foresee being asked to give as part of their regular job. The resulting presentations were organised in groups of 6 and each presenter received open & constructive feedback from the group. Learnings were strongly anchored to the MBTI framework as described, and each individual’s pointers for improvement reviewed with the Torc facilitator/coach.

The Result

Each individual was trained, coached and given the opportunity to practice their presentation skills – as well, as being afforded the MBTI framework to analyse the medium for use in different situations with different audiences, etc. Feedback from management testifies that participants use presentations much more regularly now in their interaction with management, customers and other stakeholders.