Psychometrics & Customer Service

Commercial State Agency

Quick look

Torc profiled an entire organisation using self-reporting cognitive & behavioural instruments to provide a scientific framework for ongoing training/coaching interventions.

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The Challenge

Customer service was identified as a strategic imperative of this client organisation and a need to gain a fundamental awareness of the psychological traits, preferences and levels of adaptability possible with its existing workforce was sought – allowing for targeted interventions to better ingrain the customer service mindset, both internally and externally.

Torc Response

Following some detailed discussion and piloting exercises with the leadership team, it was decided to scientifically approach the issue from both a cognitive and behavioural perspective – probing both the innate and learned preferences and behaviours at individual and corporate level. Accordingly, all 204 staff were asked to complete online the self-reporting Myers-Briggs Type Personality Index (MBTI) and the Bar-On Reuven Emotional Intelligence (EQi) questionnaires. Absolute confidentiality was assured to all individuals taking the tests.

The results obtained were progressed along 2 separate strands: First, each individual was provided with a one-on-one feedback consultation on their own individual results and individual development pointers identified. Second, the aggregate data from all 204 staff were combined, analysed and charted for the leadership team and aggregate development pointers identified for various coaching and training offerings to be rolled out.

The Result

The results from these tests provided a scientific framework (a) for individuals to build on as part of their own self-development plans and (b) for management in identifying follow-up training & development programmes and coaching interventions.