Psychometric Tools & Interview Prep

Individual Client

Quick look

Torc coached this client on how to navigate/manage the interview & selection process for an upcoming promotion opportunity.

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The Challenge

This individual client was competing for an upcoming internal promotion against 5 other candidates. The selection process would involve an assessment of numeracy & critical thinking skills, a psychometric questionnaire, together with a panel interview. This particular individual’s last experience with an interview was more than 7 years ago and he had little or no familiarity with psychometric tools or assessment centres.

Torc Response

Torc organised for the individual to take the 16PF and Prevue questionnaires, as illustrative examples of the type of psychometric tools that might be encountered; then met with the individual and provided feedback on the results. Primary focus of the feedback discussion was to align the strengths and areas for development revealed against the 5 critical competencies deemed essential for the new job. We onwards projected how these revelations might play out in terms of answers and behaviours at interview and developed some tactical responses to work on. Next, we arranged a mock interview for the individual with a 2nd consultant. The video recording from this interview was then jointly analysed over a 2-hr period by the individual and the 1st consultant. Each question & mannerism was parsed in terms of the earlier psychometric results and key responses drafted accordingly. As homework, the individual was then given the task to write a detailed report on all the learning he had so far gained & to prepare for a 2nd mock interview in due course. A similar routine was followed to prepare the individual for the numeracy & critical thinking assessment

The Result

The individual secured the promotion.

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