Psychometric Analysis & Listening

Commercial State Agency

Quick look

Torc applied some carefully constructed scientific tools to raise individual awareness of how listening and empathy styles impact customer service.

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The Challenge

A shared services organisation wished to respond to customer feedback highlighting a need to improve listening and empathy among its 54 frontline staff. Management were concerned on 2 accounts: (1) negative customer perception, and (2) staff not picking up on cues from customers with respect to opportunities of expanding the menu of services offered.

Torc Response

All 54 staff were asked to complete detailed Empathy & Listening Style’s questionnaires. The results were aggregated and analysed to identify areas of strength and areas for development. This informed the design of a highly focussed one-day workshop, which particularly highlighted the tools & techniques involved in building the human bonds involved in establishing rapport and trust with colleagues and customers, with an equal focus on how to interpret another’s verbal and non-verbal cues – tone of voice, body language, face reading, NLP, etc. Additionally, each individual was provided with a one-on-one feedback consultation on their own individual results and individual development plans identified.

The Result

Management reported that staff became more active in their management of customers. Listening logs were kept and results fed back into team meetings where proactive responses were prepared. The collective mindset was reoriented from passive to active listening.