Preparing a Company Handbook

Multinational Healthcare Company

Quick look

Torc prepared a fresh and comprehensive Employee Handbook for this client’s greenfield start-up – suitably styled to fit with the very modern, non-traditional, non-hierarchical culture being developed. Turn around time was 6 weeks.

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The Challenge

This client company was establishing a new greenfield site operation in Dublin & moving quickly in recruiting a workforce of up to 200 people. It was keen to establish a very modern, non-traditional, non-hierarchical culture and needed an Employee Handbook that reflected this ethos prepared in short order.

Torc Response

We partnered with the HR Director in the drafting and design of this employee handbook & project managed the entire endeavour. This involved:

  • Preparing a menu of potential designs – illustrating graphics & narrative style options
  • Producing an initial draft per the content & narrative style chosen & fitting with the corporate style-guide
  • Executing parallel reviews with HR specialists on the legal aspects
  • Facilitating a workshop with the Leadership Team to review & revise
  • Completing final draft, final reviews, proof-reading & print-run.

The Result

This handbook project was turned around in 6-weeks and allowed ramp-up of hiring programme to proceed on plan. It also acted as the de facto manual for all subsequent induction workshops