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Pointers: 2014 – Talent Trends

by Paddy Collins on April 16th, 2014

Talent management is emerging as an integrated ‘system’ where performance, coaching, career development, feedback, development planning, recognition, reward, HiPo assessment, recruiting, mobility and succession are knitted together – a set of blended and tailored practices.

The challenge this raises is the need for a far more consultative approach to HR than heretofore where these processes were often delivered by HR specialists quite independently.

Skills & Capability

Organisations are experiencing capability gaps due to competitive pressure and the consequent need for deep specialisation in certain roles.

As a result the market for highly specialist skills has moved from local to global, increasing the need for a strong employment brand, a positive work environment and a value proposition which resonates with prospective employees.

In addition the need to develop up-to-date technical, managerial and professional skills to meet future needs can take years.

HR needs to look at skills & capability development as a multiyear, continuous programme that brings content, programmes and management practices together – in effect start building a skills pipeline or a skills supply chain now.

To achieve the skills and capability target we need to adopt a ‘continuous learning model’ incorporating formal training, coaching, support by experts/mentors, stretch assignments, development planning and management support.

Within the multinational sector we regularly observe how the need for continuous or ‘embedded’ learning has lead to some form of “corporate university or academy”.

The next ‘Pointers’ article will look at whats happening in Performance Management and Employee Engagement.

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