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With the demise of a-job-for-life, career resilience has become a prized competency. This skill to job-hop, always landing on one’s feet, is key to keeping a career on track today. This new paradigm places additional demands on the employer and employee alike, especially with respect to managing transitions & exits – both voluntary and involuntary. Torc Consulting Group has a proven track record implementing a broad range of programmes that take the stress out of these situations.

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Implementing a career transition programme can be fraught with emotion. Which is why organisations turn to us to assist in ensuring that it is done well – knowing we will bring a range of innovative options to secure the best possible outcome for both the company and the employee. The assistance we offer balances the motivational and practical needs of the individuals involved.

We’re as prepared for people who feel the world has turned on them, as we are for people who are ready to take on the world! Our teams of career coaches combine the relevant experience and skills necessary to move mindsets and behaviours to the new order, utilising a library of services to assist those exiting on how best to position their careers.

People remaining during a restructuring need support too. Some may feel cynical about the future, miss former associates or worry about heavier workloads. These people need support to ensure they are not left to obsess unduly or stray into the arms of another. We ensure that they emerge clearly charged with a new and increased enthusiasm.

Either way, we coach individuals to take responsibility for their own careers. We assist them establish a clear orientation, design a plan to achieve their goals & develop a toolkit for ongoing career management.

And, for those eligible for an early retirement option, we fashion a programme to navigate the multitude of options on offer to retirees today.

  • Downsize Planning. Whilst executives undergo much training in how to grow a business and expand its markets, they may be less comfortable implementing downsizing programmes. Our consultants can help by drawing on their wide experience in this area to tailor the most appropriate solutions & coach management through this difficult phase. By getting involved early, well in advance of the public announcement, we can offer a range of innovative options to mitigate stress levels and explore a fuller set of scenarios to ensure the best possible outcome for both the company and the individual employee. This planning phase involves working with stakeholders to establish definition around such matters as:
    • Voluntary vs. Involuntary
    • Redeployment Frameworks
    • Financial & Legal Matters
    • Emotional & Practical Supports
    • Communication Strategies
  • Individual & Group Programmes. Depending on the scale, mix of skills and overall circumstance, our outplacement programmes can range from individual counselling and coaching through to group and company-wide presentations/workshops, where practicable. These and other details of implementation are worked out with stakeholders during the planning phase, tailoring a service level that meets company & individual requirements – in terms of being cost effective, goal-directed & quality driven. Whatever the individual particulars, our programmes emphasise the opportunities being presented to make positive decisions about future career directions and life plans. The focus of assistance we offer to each individual can be variously modified, as appropriate, but typically includes such core considerations as:
    • State of psychological readiness to redeploy or exit
    • Clarity on financial, taxation and social welfare matters
    • Establishment of a framework for reaching a new destination
    • Understanding one’s skills (& skill-gaps)
    • Defining options – self-employment, reemployment, early-retirement
    • Alignment with life goals
    • Reviewing existing career trajectory
    • Readiness to grasp new directions
    • Activating internal & external channels
    • Development of new skills
  • Career Ownership. Today, employees can become so pre-occupied achieving deadline and performance targets that they can quite easily overlook the need to manage their own careers. This can be a negative both for the employer and employee and demands a change in mindset from that which might have prevailed in more simple times, where business continuities & career tracks were far more predictable and straight forward. No longer can individuals abdicate responsibility – in the misguided belief that hierarchical advances will always beckon. Future jobs are far more likely to appear as a series of discontinuities, driven by swings in technology, currency, regulation, etc. Our career ownership programme assists individuals to take stock of these issues & to construct a plan which will support their aspirations, achieve ownership of their destiny & develop a toolkit for career resilience.
  • Redeployment & Succession Planning. Redeployment is a critical process for internally harmonizing the normal ebb and flow of skill and workload needs in an organisation. It also offers a significant extra degree of freedom, when an organisation is forced to restructure/downsize. Torc Consulting Group has developed methodologies to harvest maximum redeployment opportunities and minimise the extent of involuntary exits. We independently evaluate the skill sets required for each open vacancy and ensure a smooth transition to the new role for the selected candidate. We also identify opportunities where positions can be outsourced, with existing employees moving from an employment to a contractor relationship with the company. Relatedly, we evaluate the future needs of the organisation, and draw up a comprehensive skill framework in terms of technical & behavioural competencies, which in turn becomes the bedrock for building a system of succession plans for the future. These strategies, not only minimise the number of involuntary exits, but also signal to those remaining an organisational capacity to absorb external shocks going forward.