Outplacement To A New Sector

Multinational Electronics Company

Quick look

Torc researched the hurdles to be overcome in securing roles in the pharmaceutical sector for employees with related experience in electronics manufacturing.

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The Challenge

This client announced a transfer of operations to another site resulting in a large number of job losses in the region. As there were few electronics companies operating in this region there was a concern that reemployment locally would not be an option in the electronics industry and that a sizeable number of staff would have to relocate to gain reemployment. The company, responding to feedback from employees, asked Torc to develop a solution, in conjunction with our Outplacement Programmes, to assist staff prepare for careers in the pharmaceutical industry, an industry with a strong presence locally.

Torc Response

Torc researched & surveyed executives in the pharmaceutical industry to understand their experience of employees transitioning from other industries and the challenges associated with this change.

Taking into account the information collected, we developed an Industry Transition Workshop to be delivered over 2 days to provide departing staff with an understanding of the target industry, how it operates, processes, quality systems and the industry terminology.

A significant number of departing staff participated in the workshop and developed a strong insight into the industry and challenges in making the transition.

Results Achieved

The Industry Transition Workshop gave the employees the confidence to apply to the pharmaceutical firms in the region. Our post outplacement follow up with candidates indicated that a large number of employees successfully made the industry transition.