Outplacement of Head Office Staff

Commodity Trading Organisation

Quick look

Torc acted as agents in the sourcing of new opportunities for this client’s Dublin HQ staff displaced by a merger and transfer of their existing functions to the European HQ in London.

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The Challenge

This client was the subject of a successful takeover by a larger international company, who decided to consolidate the client’s prior Dublin Head Office functions into its own European HQ in London. Whilst staff held letters of guarantee securing their positions (from an earlier incarnation as a State Company), the number of suitable vacancies in London was quite limited. The client needed to develop a solution to address this dilemma within a short time scale.

Torc Response

Torc Consulting Group developed a programme which assisted staff members to come to terms with the impending changes, clarifying their portable skills, giving them insight into their marketability outside the company and dealing with personal issues on a one-to-one basis. This programme also involved the very active participation of Torc as agents in the sourcing of alternate opportunities for the impacted staff.

Results Achieved

Due to early engagement with Torc, staff members were able to articulate personal concerns in an independent setting, explore the various options open to them, quickly determine their most appropriate career direction and work with Torc in sourcing alternate opportunities – leading to a win-win for all concerned & a successful consolidation within the scheduled timeframe.