Outplacement From Outsourcing

Consumer Food Company

Quick look

Torc mobilised a SWAT team of career coaches & recruitment specialists to find local and/or commutable employment for staff displaced following an outsourcing of operations.

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The Challenge

This client made a strategic decision for cost competitive reasons to cease operations at its plant in South West Ireland with production being outsourced to a third party vendor. There were particular sensitivities as the plant was a major employer in an area with few employment opportunities and had been in operation for over 60 years. The Client needed to ensure that there was a smooth transition with no business interruption whilst maintaining the goodwill of the workforce and local community.

Torc Response

Working closely with the Client management team, Torc developed a programme to manage the following key strands:

– Employee Communications

– Individual Counselling

– Skills Profiling and Job Matching

– Job-search coaching & CV writing

– Engaging and managing local Employment Services

– Proactive engagement with new potential employers

Results Achieved

The client achieved its business plan transferring production to the third party vendor. There was no loss in production during the transition period and quality levels were maintained throughout. Equally, the displaced staff were smoothly transitioned: some to self-employment locally and more to commutable positions with other employers in the wider Limerick & Cork area.