Org. Culture & Reengineering

Commercial State Agency

Quick look

Torc provided a forum and framework for this large IT organisation to examine how its collective rituals and routines could be aligned to a new system of ITIL processes being installed.

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The Challenge

As part of a major change initiative our client’s IT department, comprising over 100 people, was reengineering its workflows around the ITIL standard to achieve consistent, documented and measurable service deliveries. The Change Management Team identified that the adoption of this standard was seriously challenged by existing cultural norms and sought an early intervention to assist in moving the organisational culture along to support the new framework of ITIL processes being installed.

Torc Response

  1. Independent diagnostic meetings were held with the CIO, the Change Management Team Leader and HR Manager to design a modified Competing Values Framework (CVF) and associated questionnaire deriving from a number of relevant cultural dimensions.
  2. The CVF questionnaire was piloted using members of the Change Management Team as subjects and questions tweaked to fit with the particular behavioural nuances pertaining.
  3. The modified CVF questionnaire that emerged was completed by all members of the IT department – exploring each individual’s perception of both the present and desired cultural state of the department.
  4. In parallel, a modified Cultural Web analysis was facilitated among the Change Management Team to identify the 10 HR-related themes most appropriate to reshaping the inner cultural core.
  5. A full-day workshop involving the entire department was organised to consider the results of the modified CVF survey and to drill deeper into the 10 HR-related themes identified.
  6. An array of projects mapped to each theme was identified from the workshop and cross-functional teams assembled to work on same.
  7. The results & recommendations from each project were implemented in parallel with the ITIL roll-out and overseen by the Change Management Team.

The Result

The intervention provided a forum & framework for the entire organisation to examine how its collective rituals and routines could be aligned to the new ITIL ways of working – & gave context and clarity to the efforts of the Change Management Team.