Merger & Staff Development Plan

State Development Agency

Quick look

Following the merger of two state agencies, Torc developed an integrated staff development plan to support the implementation of a new corporate mandate and inject critical momentum to the parallel roll-out of PMDS.

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The Challenge

Following the merger of two state agencies, the management of the new combined entity retained Torc Consulting Group to develop an integrated staff development plan that would both support the implementation of the new Corporate Mandate and provide meaningful avenues for engagement between management and staff.

Torc Response

Management were facilitated in the bottoms-up and top-down development of a training needs analysis, involving an extensive process of engagement with all staff members. The programme comprised a number of steps as follows:

  • establishment of a staff survey questionnaire with the Executive Committee, framed in the context of sustaining productivity and job-satisfaction
  • completion and review of said questionnaire by 171 staff members in individual consultation with their respective Heads of Division
  • compilation and analysis of the survey data, prioritising needs with respect to corporate, divisional and individual perspectives
  • drafting course outlines and preparation of a detailed learning & development prospectus, setting out order for roll-out & communicating details of offerings to all staff members.

The Result

The learning & development programme is up & running as designed and feedback from participants and management has been very positive. Moreover, it has proved a key input in driving the parallel roll-out of PMDS across the organisation.