Managing Merger Integrations

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Torc offers a 1-day training course on merger integration, focussing on the key factors to be managed in its planning and implementation.

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Module Objectives & Overview

Merging two or more organisations into one brings obvious challenges, in terms of risks, not alone to service delivery, but also, to morale – potentially prompting fear, uncertainty and distraction among staff.

Not to mention the added workload on the merger managers, who have to juggle the attendant matters of strategy, organisation, staffing, systems and culture – while also, of course, having to keep the day-to-day business performing.

This module will examine the best-practice mechanisms that smooth the merger transition – loading the dice in favour of early synergies and durable outcomes.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this workshop training, delegates will be capable of undertaking:

  • A vision formulation strategically setting out where the new organisation is going and the synergies that can be realised.
  • A pre-merger process that plans the transition phase without compromising the ongoing work of the separate entities.
  • A post-merger process that seeks to capture as much value as possible, as quickly as possible.

Content & Sequence of Key Elements

   –  envisioning new architectures, processes, cultures and synergies 
   –  investigating the optimal degree of integration from a continuum of options
   –  creating value through resource sharing, skill addition, service & administrative overlaps, etc.
   –  rationalising functions, systems, back-offices & premises
   –  exploring new service and workflow processes that become possible within the combined entity
   –  integrating pay, pensions, performance management, dispute resolution mechanisms, etc.

   –  drawing up plans in advance to ensure control of process 
   –  populating the transition team to oversee the merger
   –  addressing both the operational & cultural issues
   –  establishing task responsibilities & managing risks proactively
   –  identifying staff overlaps to be manged
   –  resourcing transitional structure, isolating routine, from changing, operations 

   –  implementing a first 100-days support system 
   –  resourcing induction & communication initiatives
   –  mobilising leadership engagement & process coaches to enliven momentum
   –  ensuring planned goals and targets are being achieved
   –  exploring new service and workflow processes that become possible within the combined entity
   –  integrating pay, pensions, performance management & dispute resolution mechanisms

This course is suited for

Managers & staff responsible for managing/coordinating the merger of two or more organisations/ divisions/departments; for example, public servants currently involved in the reconfiguration of  government agencies or in the incorporation of agencies back into their respective government departments.

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