Managing Voluntary Leavings

Commercial State Agency

Quick look

Torc project-managed this client’s voluntary leaving (VL) programme, securing 110 exits by designing & executing a 6-month company-wide motivational & outplacement intervention.

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The Challenge

As directed by the Government this state agency sought to reduce employee numbers by 100 within a six-month time frame. Because this was effectively the second such exercise in recent years, Torc Consulting Group was asked to devise and implement a creative strategy to achieve targets.

Torc Response

A multi strand approach was implemented:

  • In-depth market research to identify and collate potential jobs for employees who might consider new careers
  • Presentation of a series of town-hall briefings with management to employees focusing on the opportunities afforded
  • Individual counselling on all aspects of career transition including analysis of severance package, self employment and other options
  • Regular ‘marketing’ of external job vacancies
  • Coaching and support on self employment investigations
  • Direct approaches on behalf of leavers to employees in targeted categories

Results Achieved

From an initial slow start, take-up for the voluntary programme reached 110, which proved a great success both for the agency & the individual leavers. More than 12 new businesses have been established from the leaver cohort with our support and the organisation has been able to move ahead with its business strategy.