Managing the Process Aspects of Change

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Torc offers a 1-day change management training course, focussing on the process aspects of change – the project management, structural & cultural challenges to be navigated.

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Module Objectives & Overview

This change management training course will address the systems and process aspects of change – taking a project management viewpoint of the whole endeavour.

Major themes covered will include the role played by the currently embedded culture and the level of employee engagement experienced with partnership-type forums.

This will speak to the various teamworking and collaboration supports that need to be energised to facilitate implementation of the structural aspects of change management – drawing on the best ideas available to come up with the very best local solutions.

We will spotlight the need to approach the change management initiative, with a project management mindset, involving a strong appreciation for planning, monitoring and reviewing progress – coupled with risk management regimens to mitigate the inevitable setbacks that will be encountered.

In this way, participants in this change management training course will be provided with an integrated roadmap that sets out the change management journey in a very logical and planned fashion – that not only minimises surprises but also builds credibility with colleagues & other stakeholders.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand how the embedded culture can slow the change process – & the need to move & align the culture in parallel with any change
  • Diagnose & quantify the key cultural dimensions you need to work on to implement specific local changes   
  • Learn the value of partnership forums & how to build on to effectively channel the various change proposals 
  • Build a change management plan, incorporating the full universe of actions, resources, dependencies and reviews to deliver specific changes
  • Build a contingency plan to deliver some ‘early wins’ and inject added momentum – in readiness for setbacks & hold-ups.
  • Appreciate the value of having a scorecard to measure the effectiveness of any change effort.

Content & Sequence of Key Elements

The Role of Organisation Culture in Change Management
• The restraints on change caused by the embedded cultures
• How to diagnose, analyse and reshape these cultural impediments
• Different rates of diffusion of cultural change within a group of individuals
• Moving to new ways of working – forming, storming, norming & performing
• Working with front-line staff, to ensure culture moves with the new changes.

Change Management Through Partnership Structures
• Leverage engagement frameworks with staff to achieve consensus
• Understand the personality triggers & group dynamic of partnership groups
• Create value through soliciting & implementing innovative ideas
• Maintain momentum – managing challenges, disagreements, sidetracks
• Explore forum to discuss and debate differences to round out options

Change Management Planning Training
• How to build a project plan. aligning all social & technical aspects
• Incorporate changes to jobs, skillsets, staffing needs, boundaries
• Select & resource a change management team to implement
• Brush up on competencies: planning, project managing,
• Sharpen one’s toolkit – using process maps & risk management

Change Management Implementation Training
• Apply rigorous project & risk management processes & practices
• Communicate on multiple fronts with staff & stakeholders
• Create short-term wins, visible outcomes & measurable returns
• Build a support system for change agents, reinforcing new behaviours

 Change Management Measurement Training
• Use a change management scorecard to measure results of change
• How to make results visible & transparent to all stakeholders
• Review & revise changes within existing consultative frameworks
• Where change is working well, explore additional changes to augment
• Where change is slow, inject momentum, some early wins & reach out for help.

This course is suited for

Managers and team leaders responsible for facilitating the delivery of change management in their organisations.

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